For nearly two decades Duey has been an innovative force in the world of tennis, from taking beginner and intermediate players to pro and collegiate levels to starting competitive and recreational programs in communities where none existed.  

Duey has created, implemented and managed numerous tennis and educational programs at various clubs, academies and county park and recreation services across the Southeast. He also started several regional tennis tournaments that continue to be held annually.

As a coach, Duey builds a partnership with his clients to identify both short and long-term goals and then develops a detailed plan covering all areas of the required regiment that, when followed, ensures his clients reach their ultimate performance level.  Possessing a passion for working with young people, his clients include quite a few junior tennis players who rank tops in the the country and the world. 

Duey understands the time, dedication and investment required for individuals to transform from good to high-performance achievers. His honesty, frankness and integrity, as well as an innate ability to identify and develop talent and generate noticeable improvements in a short amount of time, are just some key areas that seperate Duey and put him in high demand.

Extensive and on-going training in high-performance coaching, organizational development and facilities management keep Duey on the cutting edge in his field and his quest to achieve and deliver excellence. Duey rounds out his career spending time with his family, raising three daughters, and participating in community projects and various humanitarian endeavors.

Duey's Coaching Philosophy
What Does It Take to be a Tennis Player?


What clients say about Duey...


There are few times in life when work, family, and friendship can be found in a single relationship, but we have been blessed with that in working with Duey. We entrusted Duey with the growth and development (both mental and physical) of our son in the game of tennis and he has accomplished all of that with the highest level of professionalism, dedication, and concern. Drawing upon his years of experience and knowledge in athlete development, Duey has an amazing capacity to create the vision all the while patiently educating and guiding his students. Our family strongly recommends Duey Evans.

      ~Wendi Le - Thai Kwiatkowski's mother 

Coach Duey’s impact on my life has been priceless. The life lessons he taught through tennis have helped mold me into the person I am today. He has always been a positive influence on my life. It is difficult to find coaches that exemplify the qualities found in Coach Duey. He genuinely cares for all of his players. He gives 100 percent and asks for nothing less in return. I have been blessed to have him in my life. He is definitely a great coach, friend, mentor, and role model. I would recommend him to students at any level because I know he will leave a positive impact on whomever he teaches.
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         ~ Natalie Frazier, Ranked Top 10 nationally in every junior age group and ranked #5
                                             in NCAA in 2007


Growing up in the Tennis community can sometimes be a tough one, for a player as well as a family. It can be hard to come across people who are truly willing to help others. This is not the case with Duey Evans. I have known Duey for many years, and he has always been very generous and helpful for me in my career. When I was 16, Duey and I sat down, as he developed the materials that helped me land a sponsor with a packet that was put together. This let me train and play the tournaments that was necessary to propel my game to the next level. That year I was able to attain a national ranking of # 6, and sectional ranking of # 1, and a state ranking of # 1, as well as allowing me to train with the national team in Key Biscane, FL. Duey Evans did this knowing that my dad would always be my coach and also because he saw me as needing something that he could provide and assist with.

       ~Derek Stephens


I have known Duey Evens since 2002, when my daughter (Ree Ree Li) was 7 years old. We heard that there was a very good tennis coach in our city, his name is Duey Evens and he trained several top junior tennis players in the past. He was a graduate from West Point Academy. But he loves to teach tennis and he became one of the top tennis coaches in U.S. With his personal attention and intensive training,  ReeRee has progressed rapidly. She became a very compatitive top junior tennis player in U.S.  During the past 7 years, she has made great achievements. She was Champion in doubles and finalist in singles at Clay Court Championship (12's);  first place in doubles at National Open (16's); first place in singles at Tennis Plaza Tournament (16's); finalist in singles at Gator Bowl (16's). She has received many sportmanship awards for her sportsmanship and exemplied character on or off the court.
Duey Evens does not only teach tennis, but also teach sportsmanship, ethics and moral characters to juniors tennis players. He demands that every player be honest and never cheat on or off the court.  He believes that a good tennis player should also be a good person. We are very grateful that we had Duey Evans as Ree Ree's coach and we owe Ree Ree's achievements and success to him. He has brought up ReeRee as one of the top players in the U.S, as well as a nice and sweet girl. This is my daughter's tennis coach -- Duey Evens. He has trained ReeRee from a tennis beginner to an advanced junior ranked top 20 in the nation and #1 in N.C. 
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         ~ Chunsha Liu - Ree Ree Li's mother

Duey Evans is a truth seeker who invests himself fully in benefiting his clients to help them craft a brilliant future. His objective goes beyond achievement and into what his clients can offer the world at large. He's not a coach "for achievement" but "through achievement." As a result, his clients learn to have a broad view of what their effort and perseverance can yield and how they can become leaders by example. I strongly recommend Duey Evans as a coach and vision crafter.
           ~ Carlos Salum, Founder - Chief Performance Architect, Salum International 
                                     Resources, Inc. 




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