Duey Evans created Midcourt Tennis Academy nearly 20 years ago while coaching in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Now,
he's brought his Academy, programs, teaching philosophies, passion and ability for developing great players to
the Dallas-Forth Worth area and Samuell Grand Tennis Center.

Midcourt Tennis Academy consists of three different levels of youth tennis programs, Advantage, Junior Drills and NOW
which provide a clear, well thought-out and proven pathway for youth tennis players and their parents.
We never lose sight of the facts: each player's journey is unique and our job is to provide the best coaching
and training possible within an exceptional learning environment in order to generate accelerated growth during
each player's journey to becoming the kind of tennis player they want to be.

If you have tried the program for kids under 10 that tells you the balls, court and racquet to use based on age
are what matter most and it's left you thinking there must be something more; there is. And now you've found it.
We take those elements and incorporate them into our overall strategy of teaching technique within
a tactical framework for developing successful tennis players.

We'd love to see your child advance into our NOW program, which is the Ivy League of High-Performance
Junior Tennis programs for kids chosing the conventional path for their tennis development.
But, no matter the path or the level of tennis a child wants to play, we know our various levels of programs
will get your child where they want to be as a tennis player much better prepared!

           10 & UNDER 

We give kids an 'advantage' in learning to play tennis with the coaching philosophy we use in our Advantage R-O-G programs. All Advantage classes for our 2014-2015 school year programs kicked off at the end of August and run through May 29, 2015.

e Red is for kids ages 5 and 6 year olds from 4-5 pm on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Kids in these classes use age/size appropriate racquets, foam or red lower-compression balls and play on courts no bigger than 36x18 feet.

Advantage Orange is for 7 to 10.5 year olds and the classes are held 5-6 pm on Monday
/Wednesday or 5-6 pm on Tuesday/Thursday.  There is a 6-7 pm Orange 2 class on Monday/Wednesday, but that class requires coach approval. Kids in these classes use age/size appropriate racquets, orange lower-compression balls and play on courts no larger than 60X21 feet. 

Enrollment for all Advantage classes is monthly.  Newcomers can enroll at the beginning of each month as long as there is space in the class. The cost is $119 per month. 
*There is a one-time registration fee of $25 for each participant in any of our Advantage classes.


Our Competitive-level Junior Drills program is for juniors consistently competing on orange-level, green-level, and full-size yellow courts. 

The expectation level is higher for players in our junior drills program. Coach Duey Evans
developed his coaching philosopy and systematic approach called Tournament Optimal Performance System and designed it specifically for competitive-level junior players. T.O.P.S is incorporated into our junior drills. 

More than 70% of program time is spent in live-ball drills (versus standing in a line waiting for someone to feed balls) that teach, build and reinforce good tactics and techniques.

Junior Drills are held Monday through Thursday from 5-7:00 pm.  Enrollment for Academy is monthly, however you may enroll your child at any time. Participants get to chose how many days to attend each week as well as which days they want to come each week.

Junior Drills Pricing:
 4 days wkly/$425 per month
 3 days wkly/$350 per month
 2 days wkly/$250 per month
 Drop-in rate/$35 per day

There is a one-time registration fee of $25. 

               JUNIOR TENNIS 

Advantage Green
 is for kids 10.5 and older who have not yet started competing in sanctioned tournaments. We work with these kids on all court sizes, including full-size, 78 foot courts using lower-compression
or full-compression yellow balls. 

These classes are held from 6-7 pm on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

It is important to understand that a child's ability to be successful in their quest to learn how to play tennis means group lessons should be done in conjunction with private lessons. Parents need to keep the number 3 in mind when it comes to tennis because that's the minimum number of times needed on court per week for someone to make consistent progress.
That three can be any combination of classes, private lessons, organized competition, or playing with family or friends.

Enrollment for all Advantage Classes is monthly.  Newcomers can enroll at the beginning of each month as long as there is space available in the class.  The cost is $119 per month. 
*There is a one-time registration fee of $25 for each participant in any of our Advantage classes.

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